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Educational and psychopedagogical support center
Meraki Educational Support CenterMeraki Educational Support Center
Come to MERAKI!
This course we bring new features, apart from educational support and evaluations and psycho-pedagogical sessions, we wanted to include English classes, learning to manage our emotions, a school for families, and many more things...
Study techniques
From the beginning to the bottom of the canyon to make the most of your time.
We start on October 2 and end on November 6 (ten sessions). Primary school and high school.
Primary school and high school
Este verano vente con Meraki de campamento, rellena el formulario para poder inscribir a tu peque, cualquier duda puedes llamarnos al 644882057
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Meraki opens its doors in October 2022 to help students with their academic tasks. We consider our center as another member of the family, where they and their families can speak openly and ask for help.

Meraki is made up of Natalia and Alexia, teacher and educational psychologist, so we also offer a psychopedagogical evaluation service.

In addition, on Fridays we hold workshops for all ages, where we encourage creativity, group cohesion and learning while still having fun.

You can find us at Calle Villa, 22 - Bajo, in Cigales, or also at 644 88 20 57.

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11  OCT  2023
  Escuela de malos padres
06  SEP  2023
  Comienzo del curso 2023/24
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